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"INSIDE" dance film

"INSIDE" dance film



The struggle of a man vs. his fears.

The innocence and fragility of the body against the threatening presence of the woods.

A dance between the man and the forest.

Shot in B&W.



Dancer: Alexander Snitko

Producer, director, editor: Gerard Nogueira Cinematography: Martín Urrea

1º AD: Marc vivancos

Production design: Camilo Barreto

Styling: Ana Cristina Díaz & Camilo Barreto Make-up: Irene León

Music & sound design: Peter Czybolya Sound: Blai Domènech

1º AC: Alex Oriach

Ronin operator: Lisandro Gimbal

Location Manager: Oriol Ilari

Colorist: Angela Morant

Horse: Celia Esquís & Razvan Pita

Rental: Napalm Rentals